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Vending is a sector where the vending machine operator is constantly looking for technological solutions that allow 24-hour operation of its stations. To do this it is necessary to have a continuous monitoring of breakdowns, the stock of products, accounting data etc.
With LoRaWAN® technology, the vending machine becomes online with simplicity and convenience.
The products developed by mcf88 for the vending sector allow remote control of their collections, enable payment by credit card or smartphone in addition to traditional payment systems, supervise the distributor.

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Vending Products

Using LoRaWAN®, mcf88 makes available a technological platform that simplifies the remote control and telematic sending of data, alarm management, machine activity monitoring, and product price changes.
This connectivity is cheaper than that offered by traditional modems, thanks also to the absence of SIM. The equipment can be easily installed on any type of vending machine, both old and new.

The mcf88 platform allows the sending of accounting data to the country’s economic and financial department. The platform allows the pricing setting by smartphones or cloud applications.
The mcf88 technological ecosystem allows integrating loyalty functions between manager and client, with benefits for both.