Smart Cities

Smart Cities
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The cities of the future will always be smarter: new services for the public administration and for citizens capable of optimizing urban spaces and services, encouraging and rationalizing travel and energy. Installation of sensors for monitoring air quality, light intensity, noise levels, temperature, precipitation, traffic, etc. allows you to forward all this data to a Cloud. The data are therefore available to citizens, local authorities, entrepreneurs, researchers in order to carry out analyzes and address targeted choices.

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Smart Cities Products

A smart city is an environment that interacts actively with people in a fast, efficient and eco sustainable manner in order to continually improve the quality of life. This occurs through the intelligent management of all the services and resources, from water to electricity, from waste to parking, from public lighting and irrigation to air quality. Positioning sensors in the urban centre, sensors that collect data in real time and transmit them using LoRaWAN® wireless technology so they become immediately available to citizens or Administrations, makes all this possible.
Cities become more efficient, more modern, but mainly more comfortable and greener with sensors that are low power, and which therefore last longer.

Thanks to their quality, reliability and technology, the products developed by mcf88 are the perfect solution for making cities truly smart.
The sensors designed and developed by mcf88 with LoRaWAN® technology are the fastest and most immediate answer to the need of air quality monitoring in the urban environment.
The simplicity of installation and configuration make them ideal for capillary monitoring in the city. Thanks to the radio range of the sensors it is possible to cover a large area using only one Gateway for data collection.
Thanks to collaborations with universities, research centers and administrations, it is possible to create effective solutions to transform cities into smart cities.