Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture
Smart Agriculture 2019-05-15T18:32:06+02:00

Application solutions focused to monitoring, managing and optimising different farming processes to increase productivity and quality.
The collection and analysis of the environmental variables of interest (temperature, humidity, concentration of chemical elements in the soil, intensity and direction of the wind, precipitation, etc.) obtained from sensors located in the field, allows to reduce the use of treatments chemicals and avoid the waste of water resources. This process leads to a more sustainable agriculture, without compromising product quality.

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Smart Agriculture Products

Agriculture joins digitalisation. For the first time, technology can be applied to farming in order to obtain benefits without using expensive scientific instruments, greatly reducing the use of pesticides.

The network itself allows to have data in real time on a smartphone. Data analysis is up to the cloud platform. Today it is possible to determine the state of health of a plant, its growth, the ripening of the fruits, even the beginning of diseases simply by analyzing the data from the field.
Precision agriculture is another sector that is well integrated with these new technologies.