Energy Management

Energy Management
Energy Management 2019-05-15T18:32:22+02:00

Monitoring, analysis and optimization of energy, in any form (electrical, thermal, hydraulic) is the key to obtaining economic and environmental benefits. Thanks to the mcf88 products it is possible to acquire the different physical quantities and intervene on the processes with simplicity and accuracy.

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Energy Management Products

Today’s energy manager needs tools to monitor the energy flow of a particular user or plant. By analyzing the data collected by appropriate sensors it is possible to know the nature of the user and then apply rules that lead to an economic benefit. The advantage is even greater if we want to monitor a series of users also located in different locations distributed in the territory, like a chain of shops.

Energy analysis can also be done in the opposite direction, for example by monitoring a photovoltaic plant park, and then analyzing the performance of each sub system.