Product for: Vending
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cloud8816 corrispettivi

cloud8816corrispettivi platform has been designed and developed by mcf88 to provide to app8816 and app8816m users an essential tool to manage and control directly from a web browser of PC, tablet or smartphone, trends of vends and collections, vending machines and devices status, system’s location on the map.

• Viewing and managing fees collected by smartphones with app8816 and app8816m
• Fees filtering by date / device / distributor
• Downloading EVADTS audit files (sent from app8816) and fees
• Managing of vending machines / devices to interface to the country’s economic and financial department
• Reporting of wrong formatted fees
• Map with distributors / devices status and fees status
• Creating of vending machines / devices groups
• Trend graphs for vending machines / devices groups
• Managing of vending machines / devices events