Product for: Vending
MCF-app8816 2019-05-13T18:45:31+02:00



app8816 is the smooth solution to comply with the new regulations introduced by the DL of 5 August 2015, n. 127 of Agenzia delle Entrate for the communication of fees from devices with communication port.

• Censusing any devices that supply products or services to the Agenzia delle Entrate system
• Reading the audit files (EVADTS) from vending machine, converting data and fees transmission
• Sending events related to devices (malfunctions, owner, end of life, etc…)
• Updating firmware of RFT Smart
• Sending fees to cloud8816corrispettivi platform for vending machines management
• Sending fees information as e-mail

app8816 can read data from vending machine by:
• RFT Smart to connect on vending machine that use standard protocol DDCMP or DEX via RS232 cable or IrDa interface
• Using custom communication as RESTFul services on the system