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Company mission: finding reliable, quality, cutting-edge, well-industrialised solutions for simplifying the installer’s job and offering ergonomic, intuitive products for the end user through an R&D staff of specialist engineers and a well-equipped, competent production department.

Our electronic designs are potentially addressed to any application or sector, with a consolidated experience in the IoT, Hospitality, Vending and / or Virtual Monetics.


  • Design and production of IoT devices (battery operated, ultra low power and powerless with LoRaWAN™, LPWAN, LTE, NB-IoT technology).
  • Development of software applications and cloud systems.
  • Design and production of payment systems for private and bank circuits using contactless, Bluetooth, NFC and QRCODE technologies.
  • Production of electronic radio frequency equipment.
  • Design, study, research and development of software, products and devices, also for third parties.

mcf88 is a
LoRa® Alliance Adopter Member